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How to Take Care of Baby Teeth

Parents are sure to wonder when the best time to consult dentists about their baby’s whites is.

Parents are sure to wonder when the best time to consult dentists about their baby’s whites is. The initial consultation with dentist is just a simple check to have a look at the oral cavity of the baby.

Parents should learn from their dentist how to care for their baby's first tooth. Regular care and maintenance of this pearly white and the others to follow is essential. Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, it is important to build a healthy oral health regime for your child from the very beginning. Aside from problems with the gums, the child might also develop crooked teeth when the permanent ones come out.

Parents should wrap soft gauze, or any other soft, thin cloth, around a finger and use this to wipe the tooth regularly. This gets the babies used to the ritual of brushing their teeth. Dentists also advise parents to not use any form of toothpaste for the time being. Although there are many baby toothpastes available in the market for children below a year old, the method of the gauze wrapped finger may suffice for the first several months.

Dentists also suggest avoiding introducing excessively sweet foods to children as long as possible, because these foods can often have a major negative affect on teeth, even with regular cleanings. The same goes for sticky kinds of food that might stick to a tooth and be overlooked by the parent when it is cleaning time. Stains can be taken out but they can build up if cleaning is not regular. Proper oral health management and food habits are important to establish as early as possible.

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